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Bodyboards made easy

It's more than a monthly subscription.

Ride an ultimate experience.

Switch the best bodyboards as you'd like.

Prone or Drop-Knee. Right or Left. 

It's only a matter of choice... you decide.

What makes NOVA unique?

Buying the wrong board and riding it anyway creates frustration.

Having the right boards for every condition is a huge investment.


Stressful airport check-ins and airlines losing your gear.

Uncomfortable experience with fins.

What's included in a NOVA subscription?


Try as many boards as possible

before you thinking to buy

("Test Ride")

Nova Experience

Privilege to ride and switch

a range of options ("quiver")

that suit different conditions


Travel light, no more extra

fees. You also can choose the

board that suits the wave

conditions during your trip


Try and evaluate the

most comfortable pair of fins

for you minimizing cuts and soreness

Simple Process

Choose your board.

Take out an online subscription.

Or vice-versa.

That's it. No paperwork.

Insurance Coverage

Nova is self insured.

Moderate damages covered,

we just don't cover damages

beyond repair or misuse.

Free Delivery *

We can bring your fresh board

to your door, but you can also

pickup at our partners

* please contact us

No Surprises

Month-to-month membership.

No long-term commitment.

Cancel or pause any time.

How does NOVA work?





Access to premium boards

1 (one) board per booking

Unlimited bookings per month

Minor to moderate damages covered


"NOVA is the ultimate concept for the new bodyboarding experience."

How did NOVA's idea come about?

"It's all about the dilemma of the 'perfect board'. The wide range of manufacturers, models, sizes and new technologies makes life harder. How could we even try a few bodyboards without buying them all and not going bankrupt?

As a result, the rider has to choose one board that best suits all conditions (hollow/mellow waves, sand/reef/point breaks, warm/cold waters). 

That's why NOVA was born." 

Marcos Alexandre, passionate bodyboarder, ex-athlete and founder of NOVA startup

Contact Us >>

Nova House (Epping/NSW)

Pop-up space for pickups and returns

Address details sent through booking confirmation

Trading Hours (By appointment only): Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm


website: www.novabodyboard.com

e-mail: hello@novabodyboard.com

Bodyboard King

Bodyboard King is 100% owned & run by former bodyboarder Toby Player, so you can be assured that staff members are dedicated bodyboarders with extensive knowledge of the industry, with unrivaled customer experience. Come down, look around and get a real "KING" experience!

Trading hours for Nova: 

Monday to Sunday : 10am-4pm


2/722 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW

website: www.bodyboardking.com

tel: +61 (02) 8068 4545

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will NOVA be a bodyboard shop, board manufacturer, traditional rental shop or even a travel company?

None of those. NOVA's business model is a bodyboard membership program.

We will offer a variety of high-end

bodyboards & fins so that you can try and experience for one small monthly price.

When and Where is it going to happen?

NOVA will be officially launched in 2019. 

We are located in Australia but we have plans to expand around the world.

Can I request an invite and follow NOVA on social media until the official launch?

Sure, we'd be so stoked!

Although we are still in beta phase (under construction), we'll be interacting with you to get your comments, suggestions so that we can launch the service you'd like to have for your needs!


No matter if you are amateur or pro, new generation or 'old school'. Like you, we are passionate about our sport.